Stationary: Peloton’s Marketing Plight 

Peloton, the fitness company known for its digitally connected indoor bikes and treadmills, halted production to address excess inventory amid waning sales. The company’s fortunes rose with the advent of the pandemic as gyms closed and at-home activities increased. In 2020, Peloton had trouble meeting demand as extraordinary market shifts favored its offerings. Now, contraction matches the rapidity of …

Marketing Award from Christian Authors Network

I’ve won the bronze in the 2021 Excellence in Marketing Award from the Christian Authors Network. The prize is for the marketing campaign I developed for my Christian sci-fi novel, Brimstone 1. Click below to view the awards ceremony. I speak with the other two winners about how we are marketing our books. My thanks to the …

Online Lecture: Christianity and Marketing Click above to watch the 30-minute lecture “Christianity and Marketing.” Note the “Stop, Think, Discuss” questions after major sections. Feel free to pause the video at these points to explore the questions.

Jason William Karpf, Guest on ”Step Into the Light”

Click here to listen to Jason William Karpf as guest on the March 17, 2021, episode of “Step Into the Light.” Jason talks about his Hollywood upbringing, marketing, Brimstone 1, and finding Jesus.