The Deliverer

In a shattered America addicted to bloodsport, a Christian champion rises. Targeted by a tycoon, hunted by bandit armies, racing pillars of fire—will he survive the broken land to save the woman he loves? Pray for The Deliverer.

Wonders of the Galaxy

An anthology of Christian space opera stories featuring “Basilica Obscura” by Jason William Karpf, a Realm Award finalist. When a mothership carrying the solar system’s survivors malfunctions, two 17-year-olds—a Christian girl and humanist boy—must lead their people to their promised land, the planet Eden II.

Brimstone 1

Christianity’s greatest revelation in twenty centuries is coming from the heavens—in the belly of a spaceship marked for destruction. If you love the Lord and you’re a fan of Twilight Zone and James Bond, blast off with the first Christian rocket—Brimstone 1.


Brimstone 1 Study Guide

Companion to the Christian sci-fi novel. More than 500 exercises in spiritual discernment, literary analysis, history, and vocabulary. Perfect for high-school level readers, college students, or adult bible study/small groups.

Developing a Christian Marketing Plan

This concise book shows the Christian approach to developing a marketing plan. The steps follow those commonly found in marketing textbooks, with scripture and Christian observation to guide the process.

Writing for the Christian Online Student

This detailed reference examines the assignments, methods, and expectations unique to writing in online courses. Scripture and Christian reflection appear throughout, supporting today’s learners with the timeless wisdom of God’s Word.

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