“Free” Speech

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has purchased Twitter for $44 billion. His media-generating flamboyance flowed as he arrived at Twitter headquarters carrying a sink, chronicling the moment in a tweet: “Entering Twitter HQ—let that sink in.” Musk’s self-designation as a “free speech absolutist” was his battlecry in buying Twitter after the site was criticized …

Feature: Assemblies of God News

Click here to read “Playing God Leads to Trouble,” a feature article from Assemblies of God News about my ministry, “Christian Sci-Fi Night with Professor K.”

Ghosts of Trumball Mansion by Linda Wood Rondeau

Think Christians can’t enjoy a good ghost story? Think again. Linda Wood Rondeau’s Ghosts of Trumball Mansion reveals a haunted house and haunted hearts that can only be cleansed with the love of Jesus. Will Sylvia Fitzgibbons exorcize her literary doppelgänger Lana Longstreet, the nom de plume personality who chose money and fame over happiness? …

Interview: American Christian Fiction Writers

Click here to read my interview with American Christian Fiction Writers’ Fiction Finder. I talk about my new novel, The Deliverer, and writing in the name of the Savior.