Remembering My Sister, Deborah Ann Lilienthal

On January 28, 2023, my sister Debbie passed away at 54 from colon cancer. She fought hard, but the initial diagnosis in February 2022 showed the disease had already metastasized to her liver, lungs, and brain. Our mom always called Debbie bullheaded. Her last eleven months proved it. I met Debbie in February 1972, shortly …

Interview on Step Into The Light

A pleasure to return to Step Into The Light to talk to Patti Shene about my Christian sci-fi ministry—writing novels and hosting “Christian Sci-Fi Night with Professor K.” Click the image below to go to the podcast page.

Feature: Assemblies of God News

Click here to read “Playing God Leads to Trouble,” a feature article from Assemblies of God News about my ministry, “Christian Sci-Fi Night with Professor K.”