Online Lecture: Christianity and Marketing Click above to watch the 30-minute lecture “Christianity and Marketing.” Note the “Stop, Think, Discuss” questions after major sections. Feel free to pause the video at these points to explore the questions.

Jason William Karpf, Guest on ”Step Into the Light”

Click here to listen to Jason William Karpf as guest on the March 17, 2021, episode of “Step Into the Light.” Jason talks about his Hollywood upbringing, marketing, Brimstone 1, and finding Jesus.

Brimstone 1 Review—Aryn’s List

(Originally appeared on Aryn’s List) Brimstone 1: is a fun story. It’s a secret race to space, to meet an incoming alien artifact, sent in response to scripture being broadcast into space. There’s enough mystery that you’re a good way through before you really know who’s ‘good’ and who isn’t. There’s a hint of romance, …

How a Christian Sci-Fi Author Relies on Women Heroes—Fictional and Real—to Propel His New Novel

(Originally published in Woman of Noble Character) When I began writing Brimstone 1, I came to two important conclusions. The pilot would be a woman, and she would be the best in her field, a status only reachable after many years of achievement. These character requirements intersect in Jana McAlister, age 48. Per historic precedent, she …