Lorehaven Review: The Deliverer

Original review in Lorehaven After a second Civil War, the United States has broken into three different countries, all addicted to bloodsport. That’s the unique world of Jason William Karpf’s post-apocalyptic novel The Deliverer, which follows the parallel stories of Bren and Olivia. Bren Van Allen wants a better life for his family and takes a …

Amazon and the Buyer Decision Process

Amazon continues to grow its presence beyond traditional e-commerce with its acquisition of iRobot, maker of the Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaner, and One Medical, a primary care provider. These moves follow Amazon’s acquisition of Ring, makers of the doorbell/camera home security system. Critics warn that Amazon is acquiring more personal data on customers without their …

Featured in Rod Serling Memorial Foundation Newsletter

Click here to read the Summer 2022 newsletter from the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation. I’m featured on page 11. Proud to be part of this organization that honors the creator of The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling.

Jason William Karpf, Guest on ”Step Into the Light”

Click here to listen to Jason William Karpf as guest on the March 17, 2021, episode of “Step Into the Light.” Jason talks about his Hollywood upbringing, marketing, Brimstone 1, and finding Jesus.