Author/professor Jason William Karpf taps Hollywood upbringing to deliver tale of first Christian rocket

Twin Cities, MN – Brimstone 1 is a new Christian sci-fi novel by Jason William Karpf, author and professor from Minnesota. Raised in the entertainment industry, Karpf cites The Twilight Zone and James Bond as influences in this story of the first Christian rocket.

Brimstone 1 overview: Billionaire Baxter Moore and his family have been broadcasting scripture into space for eighty years. Now, a UFO heads to Earth in response. Brimstone 1—the first Christian rocket—will intercept, piloted by NASA veteran Jana McAlister. A young engineer, Elijah Lindstrom, unravels the secrets and falls in love with the beautiful astronaut. As the countdown approaches, an anti-Christian militia plots the annihilation of Brimstone 1 to end the extraterrestrial evangelism.

Author Jason William Karpf teaches marketing, media, and communication at Christian universities around the country. The son of a screenwriter, his first creative work was appearing as a child guest star on classic TV shows such as The Courtship of Eddie’s Father and Bonanza. He is the author of Christian instructional books and the true-crime book Anatomy of a Massacre. Brimstone 1 is his first novel.

“I came to know the Lord in my forties. I grew up on The Twilight Zone and James Bond,” Karpf said. “I wrote Brimstone 1 in the spirit of a sci-fi blockbuster while putting Jesus first.”

Visit to view “secret files” about major characters and the spacecraft. On the site, request a free Brimstone 1 study guide with scriptural, literary, and history lessons from the novel, suitable for mature homeschoolers, college students, and church small groups. Buy Brimstone 1 in e-book and paperback at Amazon and your local bookstore.

• Brimstone 1
• Author: Jason William Karpf
• Genre: Christian science fiction
• Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.
• 223 pages
• Advisories include: frequent action (PG-13 depictions), sexual situations involving antagonists (no actual depictions), older woman/younger man romance between protagonists, premise of intelligent life beyond Earth. Complete content advisories in study guide.

For Immediate Release

Date: January 19, 2021
Contact: Jason Karpf, author;


About the Author:
Jason William Karpf grew up with storytelling. The son of a screenwriter, he was a child actor, guest starring on classic TV shows, and is the author of Christian instructional books, the true-crime book Anatomy of a Massacre, and the Christian sci-fi novel Brimstone 1.

He is a four-time Jeopardy champ. Jason holds a master’s in Communication and teaches marketing, media, and communication at Christian universities across the country. A music school graduate, he plays bass and guitar in his church’s worship team. He lives in Minnesota with his wife, Ann. They are parents of three grown children.

Published by Jason William Karpf

Author, Professor, Nonprofit Pro, Four-Time Jeopardy Champ

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