Presenting the novelette Awakened by T.E. Bradford. This stunning work has received multiple honors including the Realm Award from Realm Makers, the society of Christian sci-fi and fantasy writers. It is my honor to have been nominated alongside Tracy for this award and to share with her our wonderful publisher, Elk Lake Publishing. Click the cover image below to purchase your copy from Amazon.

Awakened explores the relationship between creator and created, the essence of our interaction with God. This relationship is also a foundational theme in science fiction as people play God, bringing forth the unexpected without the power and wisdom to deal with the consequences. Tracy’s achievement with Awakened makes me think of Mary Shelley galvanizing the sci-fi genre with Frankenstein more than 200 years ago.

Enjoy Awakened, marvelous proof of how Christianity and science fiction go together!

Published by Jason William Karpf

Author, Professor, Nonprofit Pro, Four-Time Jeopardy Champ

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